IBSAT Exam 2023 Dates Announced !

Date & Time: 23rd December 2023 (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)

Date & Time: 24th December 2023 (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)

Registration Deadline: 20th December 2023 (No further extension)

Eligibility Criteria – List the basic eligibility requirements like graduation from a recognized university with at least 50% marks.

Eligibility Criteria – Mention additional criteria for specific programs, like work experience or specific entrance exam scores.

Resources : – Provide links to the official IBSAT website, registration portal, and syllabus document.

Resources : – Recommend online resources like practice tests, study guides, and forums for support.

– Suggest using official IBSAT study materials, mock tests, and practice questions.

– Emphasize the importance of time management and accuracy during the exam.